Our 24 years expertise in Insurance Claim is inevitable. Here's what we will do while you are just waiting for a BRAND NEW ROOF.

  • (1) After your CALL or submission of FREE ESTIMATE form from our website, we will assign an expert field claim facilitator to arrange a meeting with you for FREE INSPECTION.

  • (2) Once a DAMAGE is spotted, you will need to contact your insurance carrier to report damage and request them to send adjuster to confirm the damage we reported. Let us know the DATE & TIME of your adjuster appointment and we will be there to represent on behalf of you.

  • (3) After adjuster confirms/approved damage, they will send you INSURANCE LOSS SCOPE, most of the times insurance loss scope are underpaid or few important components line items might be missing.  Hence, we will do the AUDIT for you and will help you claim more than what was included in the INSURANCE LOSS SCOPE when necessary.

  • (4) After AUDITING insurance paperwork, we will GENERATE SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT and send it to your insurance adjuster or insurance claim department office by email or fax.

  • (5) When all paperwork is ready, then we WILL start BUILDING. We will setup schedule on your roofing project.

  • (6) Lastly, after facilitating the job, we will make a Quality inspection and Walk Thru with the home-owner.  Once the roof is completed, we will bill your insurance carrier for the release of RECOVERABLE DEPRECIATION...

We Facilitate Insurance Claim