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Insurance Claims Services

RRR Roofing and Remodeling specializes in helping customers identify roof damages that qualify for insurance claims and then delivering the needed restoration services. We provide free inspections with no commitment required. If we find sufficient damages, we’ll help you start the process of obtaining a newly restored roof for your home or business!


The Insurance Claims Process

1.    Free Inspection for Qualifying Damages: Before calling your insurance company, call us to schedule your free inspection so we can verify that you have the damage your insurance company would be looking for. We give you guidance on whether you should file a claim or not.

2.    File a Claim with Your Homeowner’s Insurance: Calling your insurance company’s claims department allows you to file a claim and schedule an adjuster to come inspect the damages on-site. This inspection is separate from our own.

3.    Adjuster Meeting: The adjuster represents your insurance company to verify or deny damages, document his/her findings, write a fair market value estimate for repair, and process payments. By inviting our insurance specialists to your meeting with the adjuster, we can represent you to ensure that your claim is settled fairly and no damages are overlooked.

4.    Begin Repairs: Our team will plan your restoration project to deliver fast and professional results. When we’re finished, your home or commercial property will look like new!

How Insurance Claims Are Paid Out

Insurance companies pay funds based on their own estimates that they write with pricing software that changes costs monthly, based on prices of building materials and labor costs in the region. They take your deductible out of the total (which is your financial obligation to the claim), then they pay the remaining funds in two separate payments. In the first upfront payment, roughly half of the project cost is paid. The remaining funds are released when repairs are complete, based on the invoices sent in.

Beware that getting cheaper estimates does not save you money and, in fact, takes away available funds and makes for cheaper repairs and cut corners. The best way to make repairs is to allow our project manager to show you all of your options to get necessary work done and save you on out-of-pocket expenses.

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